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Victoria’s Ape: Ape’s Honor

In 1859, Charles Darwin proposed the Theory of Evolution. In 1860, Oswald Oliphant turned that theory on its head. His revolutionary process of “Dynamic Darwinism” granted powers of speech and intelligence to animals, changing the lives of all living creatures—particularly that of a young gorilla named Cooper. Owned by famed British nobleman and explorer, Lord Percival Grey, Cooper became the first animal to receive Dynamic Darwinism.

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Dinosaur Jazz

Acheron Island is a world lost to time, home to prehistoric creatures from earth’s savage past. The island’s occupants range from ferocious, man eating dinosaur and savage Ape Man tribes to strange ruins from a lost civilization. It is also home to sir Edwin Crowe, son of the Victorian explorer who discovered Acheron Island, renowded big game hunter, scarred Great War veteran, and last of the world’s Gentleman Adventurers.

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El Mosaico: The Road to Hellfire

Clayton Cane has lived with violence for all of his existence. With a scarred face giving him the feared nickname El Mosaico, Cane has crossed the country as a bounty hunter and left trails of dead behind him.

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El Mosaico: Scarred Souls

layton Cane was made - not born - in the Civil War. A Confederate plantation owner-turned-madman stitched pieces from a dozen different body parts together and then used Voodoo magic, depraved science and arcane power to bring the patchwork soldier to life - and as Union river cruisers shelled the plantation, the patchwork man escaped and ran into the swamp.

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The Stein & Candle Detective Agency, Vol. 1: American Nightmares

He grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, dodging from mobster-ruled neighborhoods to reform school before the army snapped him up and sent him to Europe to fight Hitler. That's where he met Weatherby Stein, the scion to one of the greatest occult families of Europe. Weatherby and his parents were being held prisoner by the Nazis, forced to use their supernatural knowledge to aid the Third Reich's war effort.

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The Stein & Candle Detective Agency, Vol. 2: Cold Wars

A wealthy Hawaiian hotelier is chewed to death by sharks - in his penthouse office. A traveling salesman goes missing - in a shady New England town full of monstrous fishmen. A new casino gets supernaturally good luck in Vegas - thanks to ancient Egyptian magic.

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The Stein & Candle Detective Agency, Vol. 3: Red Reunion

For Weatherby Stein and Morton Candle – private detectives specializing in the paranormal – life normally isn’t easy.

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Michael Panush has distinguished himself as one of Sacramento’s most promising young writers. Michael has published numerous shor stories in a variety of e-zines including: Aurora Worlf, Demon Minds, Fantastic Horror, Dark Fire Fiction, Aphelion, Horrorbound, Fantasy Gazetteer, Demonic Tome, Tiny Glubule, and Defenestration. He published his first novel, Clark Reeper Tales, for his high school senior project. A graduate of UC Santa Cruz and Loyola-Marymount University, Michael currently works an as educator in Sacramento.